why not then? why now?

Plea94450928257075000i knew i was strong … but what i didn’t know is that you’ll shatter me like this.. that i’ll break down and never move on… i smiled, i laughed. i believed that i’m happy… then why???….. why you have to dwell into my memories again!!?? why you have to come back to my life like a memory i don’t want to forget…. i still love you… CAN YOU HEAR ME????? can you at least feel now that i’m crying for you… i’m crying ‘coz i want to talk to you badly… missing you so much… before, i could atleast call a friend and ask about you… but now? i just can’t.. handicapped !!!!! feeling so bad that i can’t explain to myself… what is it that’s bothering me??!!… is it that, i can’t adjust any further with him or is it that i’m missing you as the anni is on the doorstep… ?? why don’t you call me?? was is not a little bit of love from your side?? how easily could it fade away? mine didn’t… i still love you from the hidden place of my heart, where no one would ever know. love you! c’mon, a single phone call??


Miss You

I know you’re not near

I know you can’t hear

You can’t see my tears

You can’t feel my grief….

Miss you…

every now and then..

I miss you

whenever it’s not how it used to be…

I miss you

when i know things are not what it used to be…

i miss you

when i know you won’t give it all to see me smile

i miss you

when i can’t feel your hug

i miss you

when i know you won’t know ┬áthat i’m saying it aloud that

i love you…… and i miss you

every time it’s much more

every time it hurts like it has never before…………