Easy Hijab Tutorial in 5 minutes!!!

Are you in a big rush to work or school?? And you think you need to wrap the hijab FAST and make sure it looks cute as always on you? Very well then, why not check my video tutorial on quick hijab style!! trust me, it just goes super nice with any attire 🙂


“HIJAB” to be considered as a trend or part of life?

the ever most controversial topic worldwide. this piece of cloth over actually makes a huge difference in everyday life. and when I say, “huge difference” I mean a good, blessed change in part of our life. YOu may get teased but when you make them understand your hijab you WILL get respect from them 🙂

why not then? why now?

Plea94450928257075000i knew i was strong … but what i didn’t know is that you’ll shatter me like this.. that i’ll break down and never move on… i smiled, i laughed. i believed that i’m happy… then why???….. why you have to dwell into my memories again!!?? why you have to come back to my life like a memory i don’t want to forget…. i still love you… CAN YOU HEAR ME????? can you at least feel now that i’m crying for you… i’m crying ‘coz i want to talk to you badly… missing you so much… before, i could atleast call a friend and ask about you… but now? i just can’t.. handicapped !!!!! feeling so bad that i can’t explain to myself… what is it that’s bothering me??!!… is it that, i can’t adjust any further with him or is it that i’m missing you as the anni is on the doorstep… ?? why don’t you call me?? was is not a little bit of love from your side?? how easily could it fade away? mine didn’t… i still love you from the hidden place of my heart, where no one would ever know. love you! c’mon, a single phone call??